When it comes to everyday style, it’s ALL about finding the perfect jean & the perfect fit.  Finding the perfect jean, is like sprinkling a little magic into your everyday style, because even when nothing else seems to fit, and you’ve already changed 5 times, your go-to jean never lets you down. … I mean, am I right or am I right, ladies? Of course, finding your perfect jean is a lot harder than it seems! In a sea of denim choices who’s to say if the skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, new vintage straight style, cropped, bootcut or trouser will even work for you?! It’s all based on a little styling science: your body type + the right style for your figure, literally helps you find THE PERFECT JEAN & THE PERFECT FIT.

I’ve been a denim lover for years, and jeans are STILL my go-to preferred style item! So I’m sharing with you the new jeans I’m absolutely in love with from a North Carolina based, black-owned, woman-owned business– Infinity boutique NC ! Infinity Boutique NC is owned by Sonia & caters to plus-sized women from size 10 to even size 6X! Infinity Boutique clearly knows that a beautiful woman comes in all shapes and sizes, and I love and appreciate businesses who cater to the everyday woman! Infinity Boutique and I have that in Common, which is one of the reasons I was excited to work with her & her brand.

The everyday woman’s style with the right jeans, can add a golden thread into her wardrobe, and that’s exactly what these jeans from infinity Boutique did. I have quite a few skinny jeans, and quite a few boyfriend jeans, but never a pair that combines the sexiness ( of skinny jeans) and the comfortability (of boyfriends jeans) ALL in one. To add icing to the cake, these jeans are high waisted and have the absolute perfect amount of stretch! Both of which, are key to finding the right jean– checking the rise and checking the stretch. You’ll know if the jeans have stretch, usually by touch but I also look for denim that has the magic ingredients of “lycra, tercel, or spandex,” all of which equate to incredibly soft and incredibly figure flattering denim that retains its shape. These jeans by Infinity boutique have all the key ingredients for the perfect jean and the perfect fit. I’ve literally been reaching for these jeans for pretty much everything. Date night, running errands, out and about and I’ve paired them with sneakers, stilettos, my new favorite wedges (pictured). The great thing about Infinity Boutique is that they have a ton of denim styles, but also a lot of other items like dresses, tees, and all the extra things you’d need for a well styled and well-rounded wardrobe.

When you get past the “ingredients” of the denim, you now want check out the style/fit of the jeans, and this is where dressing for your body type comes into play. While women come in all shapes and sizes, it makes finding some items a lot easier when it’s based on body type. The five body types we’ll discuss our Hourglass, Apple, Pear, Rectangle, and Oval. If you’re not sure which body type you are then, The Hourglass figure is defined  by a full bust, narrow waist, curvy figure, and proportionately balanced shoulders and hips– ladies who are an hourglass figure should try best in skinny jeans, bootcut jeans or mainly thing that accentuate their curves instead of hiding them. Apple figure is defined by average to large bust, broad shoulders, fullness in the midsection and narrower hips– ladies who are an apple figure should try bootcut jeans, jeans that create a lengthening effect and help define their waist. A pear shaped figure is defined by narrow shoulders, a smaller bust, and fuller bottom and hips and should try wide leg jeans/ trousers, and even a great high waisted jean, or cropped high waisted jean. Rectangle body type is defined by hips, waist, and shoulders being the same width. These ladies should try cropped jeans and straight leg styles, and even flared styles that create the illusion of curves if they so wish to. The oval body type is typically defined as plus sized, and just a lot thicker all the way around :)– but I’ve found that no matter your size– your body type is based on your proportions.This is such a brief overview, but if you’d like for me to talk more about dressing for your body type, then comment below or email me. One thing to remember is that no matter your body type, you are beautiful and there are plenty of choses & ways for you to find your own personal style. Even better, let me help you find your own #personalstyle via a virtual consultation. Just fill out the contact form on my site, and let’s get started!

If you love these jeans and want to find out more about Infinity Boutique NC, follow them on Instagram here or via their website here. Plus, you can use the code “Newbie” for Free shipping on your order! #yourewelcome.

Photography by Jon J. Pics