The weather has been pretty unpredictable lately everywhere. So I guess the Groundhog was right because it certainly feels like we’re having 6 more weeks of winter.  In the South, we’re experiencing everything from snow, rain, and even fluctuating temperatures throughout the day. This time of year definitely makes deciding what to wear a challenge. One of the main challenges is dressing for the day because it may be warm during the day and cool at night or vice versa. So I’ve created a few looks to help you easily transition your wardrobe from Fall/Winter to Spring; this one is the first.

By rule of thumb, I usually add a light-weight jacket whenever I’m planning an outfit. Incorporating a light-weight jacket into your outfit planning keeps you prepared for the fluctuating temperatures.  There’s quite an array of fabrics and colors that transition well into the Spring season like this Olive green. It’s honestly one of my go-to’s and is one of the colors that suits my complexion. If olive is too bold for your complexion or makes you sallow, then try sage.

Another thing I’m loving that helps transition a look is bodysuits! I love love love bodysuits right now because it adds a certain ” je ne sais quoi,” and no fuss approach to dressing. Thankfully they revisited this popular trend from the 70s and gave it new life. This season and into Spring you can find bodysuits in an array of fabrics, sleeve lengths, colors & patterns, so try them! For this look, I’m wearing the comfiest crewneck bodysuit in ivory which complements the olive jacket, plus it’s long sleeved so it adds warmth.

Denim is another perfect transitional piece, believe it or not. Denim is essentially seasonless, and there’s an array of washes and styles. Lately, I’ve been loving my denim high-rise and skinny. This pair is the best of both world’s, in an oh so perfect wash. Finding the perfect jean is finding one that fits your style, and your body type. I love this style so much, it fits my hips and hugs my curves. So, I literally buy it in every wash regardless of the season.  This wash is perfect for Spring, hits at my ankles perfectly, and highlights my heels.

Let me tell you about these heels, loves1 I received so many inquiries from you all this week about these pumps. They are literally so comfortable because of the stacked heel & 12-hour pump technology (click the link in the ‘Shop the Look’ to find out how). Again, if you’ve read my posts then you know I love suede and these are no exception. Although the weather can be temperamental and rainy, you can spray your shoes with suede protectant, and you’re good to go. You can find my favorite suede protectants here and here.

That’s why I love this outfit. It incorporates a transitional color, lightweight materials, a little warmth, and a pop of color that gives a nod to Spring. Even better, this entire look is actually on sale right now! So click and shop the look below, loves!

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