The great thing about being a woman is that you can wear whatever you want. The options are endless from dresses to skirts, rompers, and even tutus. Admittedly though, the last one is my favorite. I’ve scoured my favorite websites, checked my favorite brands, and tried one or two too many, and have finally found my tutu! Why a tutu you ask? Because it’s unapologetically feminine, flirtatious, and fabulous! Also, surprisingly pretty versatile, which makes it not your ordinary tutu.

How to find your Tutu

There are quite a few companies online from Zara to Etsy that make tutu’s, but it’s all about finding one that fits your body type, personality, and style. For instance, I’m somewhat short waisted so a waistband is essential, not a stretchy one either, but one that lays flat, and zips up. Also, you have to find one that is fluffy vs. not fluffy, based on your body type.

This particular tutu works best for me because it’s fluffy, but not to the point where it’s overbearing my hips, it just skims them, and I love it! If you have slimmer hips then you can choose a tutu that’s fuller or wider hips then choose one that’s slimmer.

Finally, your personality and style are key! You don’t want to buy something that you can’t rock confidently, and trust me you have to “OWN” this look if you’re going to wear a tutu! Although they come in an array of colors black is my go to, plus I’m able to pair it with a lot more.

How I styled the look

I love love love this tutu! The layers and lift underneath are perfect. It’s lined, has tulle tiers, and is somewhat sheer, just FYI. In my mind, this tutu has somewhat of a Spanish flare, so I added a flare sleeved blouse and statement earring to compliment the look. This also made it the perfect time to feature my guitar, my baby! [*Spoiler Alert: I sing and play acoustic guitar! I started in undergrad & have recently picked it back up.]*

If you know me then you know I love injecting color into my wardrobe, but I have an affinity for all-black outfits. Another way, I’d style this look is by pairing it with a lightweight blazer and linen tank for summer, so versatile!

This top is from Loft, the heels are Steve Madden, and this skirt is from Dillards, plus it’s on super sale right now.

You can find all the details in the Shop my look below, and some alternatives. Although the tutu is my overall favorite, let’s talk about these heels.

They are my go-to heel because they go with EVERYTHING, literally everything; from jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, and obviously tutu’s. They are super comfy/ wearable because of the stacked heel and not to mention sexy! So go out there lady, and find your perfect tutu!

Thank you for stopping by, love.


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