No Matter how you spin it, Living Your Best Life is a cultural phenomenon. Though living well and eating good have always been around, Cardi B. had a lot to do with Living Your Best life being the moniker of the hour. If you’re taking flights, eating dinner at a fab restaurant, buying a luxury item, Brunching, Happy Hour’ing (yes I just created a word), or having a fabulous time with family or friends, then *insert the living my best life hashtag here*.

All of these have become synonymous with #Livingyourbestlife. But what if the Key to #LivingYourBestLife isn’t only about the labels you wear, the high-end stores you frequent, where you vacation in the summer or how much money you have in the bank. What if  Living your best life isn’t just about materialistic things, but things that are less tangible. What if living your best life lies in the way you think about your life?

Living Your Best Life is a mindset, it’s a state of being. It’s creating an environment in your life where the things that once affected you don’t, where the opinions of others don’t weigh as much, and self-care comes first. When you’re living I mean really living, satisfaction isn’t derived from people, places or things it comes from within. Sure, it sounds like a pie in the sky, only in the movies kind of perfection, but inner peace and wholeness is attainable.  Sure, you can have enjoyment from a date, from a drink, from a celebration, but happens when you go home & you’re alone, and it’s just you? This is the moment you know if you’re satisfied. Satisfied with who you are, where you are, and what you’ve accomplished.  Those are the three things we think about, but here are 5 ways to Live Your Best Life

1. Prioritize purpose

Knowing who you are and know your purpose are both keys to #LivingYourBestLife.  Why they’re important is pretty much self-explanatory. Finding and defining both of these will help you blaze a path that’s all your own. Whether that’s starting your own business, developing an app, going to graduate school, writing a book or starting a side hustle. First things First, invest in those things because the return on your investment will be extremely high. Whenever you remember to invest in your self & make your purpose a priority, the benefits are great. You’ll even find that everything else is going a little bit smoother & that’s part of Living your best life.  Next step, surround yourself with people who are doing the same.

2. Surround yourself with the right people

The right tribe makes a world of difference. The old saying goes, “You are the company you keep or birds of feather flock together.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my grandmother tell me this, and it still rings true. Surrounding yourself with people who are like-minded is invaluable, especially as you advance in life, career, family, and other ventures. The right tribe will build you up, encourage you, and add value to what you’re doing. The beautiful thing about these friendships and partnerships is that it’s mutual. When you have the right circle–magic happens because you’re all helping to better each other.  The next part is simple, never compare your magic to anyone else’s magic.

4. Don’t Fall into the Comparison Trap

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote, “No one is you and that is your power,” tons of times but it’s true. Not a single person on earth is exactly like you all the way down to your very fingerprints. So why would you compare yourself to someone else? When you compare yourself, you’re directing your energy into trying to emulate or trying to be like someone else, and that my dear isn’t #livingyourbestlife. Instead of letting comparison take your joy, focus on yourself, your talents, your gifts, and your unique perspective. Redirecting the energy and focusing it on bettering yourself creates a lane of your own. Everyone has their own magic, so never compare yours to anyone else’s. J’Cole said it best, Love Yours.

5. Make time for yourself

Living your best life begins and ends with you putting your self-care first. Self-care is about making time for yourself and your physical, spiritual, and mental health. Allowing and even making time to relax, breathe, meditate, pray or simply sit in silence. Making time to unplug, rest, and dial things back– is essential to avoid burn out. We’ve all heard that word ” Burn Out,” and usually associate it with working too much, but Burn out can happen when you’re not making time for yourself; especially, if you’re always helping others. Helping others is a wonderful thing, but if you haven’t taken time to Reflect, Refocus, and Recharge, then you can’t really be a help to someone else. The moral of the story is please take care of you, don’t forget that. Ignite your magic loves, and Live Your Best Life.


Photography by Lavish Moments Photography

Outfit Details: Forever 21 Kimono// Forever 21 Palazzo Pants// Chanel Bag // Steve Madden Heels (old, but similar here & here).