Fresh Macaroons, mini chocolate cakes, tarts & the sweet aroma of Hazelnut Praline Cafe are a few of the delicious staples at Amelie’s French Bakery. Un Macaron, S’il Vous Plaît! Macaroons, are one of my favorite French confections & Amelie’s is the perfect place for first time and Forever macaroon lovers like myself.


Amelie’s is nestled in the sweet hipster area of Charlotte, NC affectionately called NODA. Noda’s hipster vibes are the perfect setting for my favorite cafe, since Amelie’s has a very “ je nais sais quoi,” vibe with its eclectic decor; from mismatched seating & antique chandeliers. It’s perfect {C’est parfait}, as the French would say! I can’t say enough about the lovely ambiance at Amelie’s. The lifesize photo of the Eiffel Tower is my favorite work of art and my second is the AMOUR sign that looks like it’s right out of your favorite ETSY shop.


Amelie's French Bakery Wall art photoWhen I’m in Charlotte, Amelie’s is my go-to spot to blog, meet up with girlfriends, or even go on date night. Last time I was here, it was part of our Girl’s Weekend with my sorors. This time, it was part of an impromptu trip on my day off.

Outside of the wonderful ambiance, the best thing at Amelie’s is their savory desserts: from Pecan Tarts, Strawberry and chocolate petit gateaux’s, chocolate covered strawberries, Croque Monsieur, Pain au Chocolat, and apple tarts. Their Coffee and Espresso options are exceptional as well. Try their Cafe Au Lait, if you’re a first-time coffee drinker or their French Press, if you are coffee “purist.” This time I chose raspberry, vanilla & Mint chocolate macaroons, shared a Pecan Tart & sipped on my Hazelnut Praline Cafe.

French Macaroon

Amelie's French Bakery AmbianceAs you can see, Amelie’s is a little slice of French Heaven nestled in Charlotte, NC. I try and stop by every time I’m in town, and the best part is that they’re open 24-hours a day! So mosey over to Amelie’s when you’re in Charlotte, and maybe I’ll see you there. Cheers to Weekend loves!

Amelie's for Two