Hello loves, I’m Ashley Marie! The blogger, stylist, and fashion enthusiast behind, Prissy with Pearls! Prissy with Pearls is a style & lifestyle blog aimed at sharing style, beauty, travel, and everyday life. In my 9-to-5 life, I am a Government professional, blogger, and wardrobe stylist; whose love for all things Prissy and Usually Pearled, has evolved into a business, style obsession, and way of life: helping women find & elevate their style. My keen sense of style and knack for creating the perfect ensemble, have helped me assist friends, family, and clients on their style journey. In addition to style, I’ll be sharing tips on all things chic: from the art of finding the perfect lipstick, how to find the perfect hostess gift, finding that not-so-touristy place for girl’s night out, to styling your abode.  Just think of Prissy with Pearls as the everyday woman’s guide to a Perfectly Styled and Curated Life. The possibilities are endless, so let’s take this journey together! Please feel free to reach out to me via social media or email Ashley@prissywithpearls.com: if you are inquiring about styling services, want to collaborate,  or just want to say hello! I’ll be right here, Forever Prissy & Usually Pearled.