The lighthouse, the flutter of seagulls, the subtle buzz of bike wheels & bells, crab legs & fresh sea bass, the golden-hour, southern drawls, and Spanish moss draped across 300- year-old oak trees; this is Saint Simons Island, Georgia. St. Simon’s Island is one of the most laid back and picturesque places to visit off the Georgia coast. It’s the backdrop of so many memories from childhood to present. Growing up we’d have our Annual Family Reunion in July, and visit family year round. I remember low country broil’s at the Family house, poolside days spent at cousin Jackie’s home, and the views from the Pier. Simply Beautiful. My Grandfather grew up on St. Simons Island with his 11 brothers and sisters. So as you can imagine, the island is steeped in our family history for over two centuries, but that’s another post loves, and a rather lengthy one.

Last month, I spent a few days in Saint Simon’s with family; It was absolutely lovely! The weekend was filled with selfies, inside jokes with my cousins, and a few visits to some of my favorite places. This trip, like every trip to the island, I stopped by Neptune Small Park. The Park is a historic landmark on the Island, and the location of the Pier. The moment you step onto the Pier, you’ll know why the Saint simons is called the jewel of the Golden Isles.

This shot is one of my favorite pictures of the Island & the famed Lighthouse. See the four people in the right hand corner, that is our group. A friend of mine has a DJI Phantom Drone & this is an Aerial Shot taken of use & our time there. It’s remarkable & I will never forget this day, weekend or the people in this photograph.


Saint Simon’s Island, Georgia is truly a remarkable and incredibly beautiful place, nestled right on the Georgia Coast. It’s a must see and I hope you’ll have an opportunity to visit in your lifetime. For the fine dining, beach vibes, sweet water taffy, and sights and sounds of island life. If you do visit, it’s a place you’ll never forget. Send me an email at, if you’d like any tips or a travel guide, I’d be happy to help. Have a great week, loves!